Our Missionaries

Missionaries -God inspired - Rose Hill Baptist Church Supported

Rev. Russ Hanson - Bibles to the Nations - Email: russhanson1@juno.com.

The Belascos - Missionaries to Spain. Email: spainstakesministries@gmail.com. www.spainstakes.org.

The Eberhards - Missionaries to Kenya. Email: jimeberhard@hotmail.com www.kenyaforchrist.com.

The Stromlands - Heart of the Ozarks. Email: rrstromlund@windstream.net.

The Bausells - Missionaries to the Sioux Nation. PO Box 992, Mission, SD 57555

The Crows - American Home Missions. PO Box 837, Thoreau, N.M. 87323

The Mantonyas -Missionaries to Brazil. Email: amazonroadrunner@juno.com.